Google to showcase Photo Spheres in its maps, introduces ‘Views’


Google Maps has really done wonders for the California based company and this time the search engine jargon has introduced a new feature, ‘views’, to its mapping service, Google Maps. It is basically a community site which will allow users to publicly share Photo Spheres to Google Maps. Photo Spheres are nothing but 360 degree panoramic views of pictures that can be taken from any imaging devices ranging up to Android phones.

Although Google has limited the current feature to users with devices running Android 4.2 version or higher, users will have to register themselves into the Views website using Google+ profile. Additionally, users will also be able to import their existing Photo Spheres from their Google+ account. The uploaded pictures will be a part of Google Maps for that particular location where the snap was taken. Apart from that, users will also be given their own Views page which in turn will display all the Photo Spheres they have created. Google also plans to incorporate the same in its Street view Gallery wherein users will be able to see the panoramas in the street view.

Apart from bringing out a revamp version of Google Maps recently, the company has also been tweaking a few premium features which has made the maps clutter free and really user friendly.

Source: Google News

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