Google to show ads on Google Maps app, might be helpful or pesky the other way around

Search engine giant, Google, has announced that it has added an ad-feature to its mapping service, Google Maps. The result is that users will be able to see ads on maps when a search is performed for any places in Google Maps. Although the feature is implemented on its mobile apps, but the company hopes that revenues will flow once users start using the same.

If user searches for any business establishments in New Delhi, an ad might show up in the form of a small white banner at the bottom of the screen. The ad will carry the address, business hours, reviews and lot other info in it along with option to call depending on the availability of phone numbers. According to a report, the advertisers will be charged on a cost-per-click basis from the ads posted on Google Maps. While announcing the same, Product Manager for Google Maps, Salahuddin Choudhary, said that advertisers will be charged a maximum of two clicks per impression for the advertisements they put.

Google is expecting a boost in its ad revenue from mobility division through the new ad service as the company is seen shifting its focus on mobility as well to boost its business in the highly lucrative mobile market.


Source: ANI

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