Google to kill “Google Adwords External Keyword Research tool”, to launch Keyword Planner for webmasters soon


Google continues to kill it’s old yet popular service tools and this time it is the closure of the popular tool for webmasters, Google Adwords External Keyword Research Tool. Although the exact date for shut down is not yet confirmed but it is expected that the tech giant will replace it with a new program called Keyword Planner.

The free tool is commonly used by webmasters to check statistical data such as keyword search volume, estimated traffic volume and average cost per click for their websites and has even proved useful for determining specific keywords with which webmasters can post Search Engine Optimization and pay-per-click campaigns. The biggest difference between both the tools will be structure with the existing tool containing a number of disjoined workflows. Once the changes takes place, webmasters will be required to create advertiser accounts. Although there aren’t any details on the new Planner from Google, the Keyword Planner will definitely help advertisers to create PPC ad groups and ad campaigns as fast as possible.

With older tools closing down, Google has definitely beefed up its routine up gradation of its tools with replacements rather than just an update.


Source: Google News

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