Google to expand its SME network, focuses on digital advertising in India

Google has eyed high business in India in years to come and with the presence of a number of small and medium scale industries in India, Google’s Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Partner programme has definitely proven to be a successful venture. Todd Rowe, the managing director of global channel sales, has expressed the tech giant’s interest in expanding the company’s business in South India in the light of growing demand for digital advertising from small and medium sGoogle to expand its SME network, focuses on digital advertising in Indiacale industries.

Google, the search engine giant based in California, gets a majority chunk of its huge pile of revenue from advertising. "Within 10 months of its launch, our partner programme model has gained significant momentum in India. Starting in September, we have partnered with 16 medium-sized companies with over 3,000 sales people who have been trained to help SMEs gain from digital advertising,"Todd added. Under this programme, Google trains its SME partners in developing, launching ad managing digital campaigns.

Todd also mentioned that Google will double its Small and Medium Scale (SME) partners as well as add 3,000 strong sales force through its partners. The company has a strong partners base in South India currently.


Source: Google News

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