Google to empower women in India, launches WeOW programme

Google has always been toppling the charts with its innovative programs for people and this time the tech giant has launched a women centric programme named Women Entrepreneurs on the Web (WeOW). Focusing on women entrepreneurs, the initiative will be to help women entrepreneurs connect and grow their online presence and utilize Google products as much as possible. Google has targeted a wholesome audience in tier-II and toer-III cities with this initiative.

google-to-empower-women-in-india-launches-weow-programmeAccording to a report, Google has initiated WeOW after 18 months which was earlier initiated in tier-I cities. Google has also high hopes to launch the programme into rural areas where women hardly gets to work on internet. India has substantially large number of women entrepreneurs as compared to many other countries and according to Google’s stats, the number stands at a staggering 1.3 million. Launching the programme for this year, Google India’s managing director, Rajan Anandan, said “ The focus was how the internet can empower women, how these entrepreneurs can sell online, and how they can connect with the customers. So, there is education, training, creating a community where they can support each other..”

Earlier, the Women Entrepreneurs on the Web was conceptualized by a handful Googlers from Hyderabad in 2011 and the program was officially launched in 2012. As an appeal to all the women entrepreneurs, Anandan stated “Get your business online. We will build it for free.”

Source: Google

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