Google to dig into your mails, offers to help you in tracking missed mails from inbox

Google has announced that it will help users in tracing mails which might have been lost in the sea of emails. The tech giant has formulated a voice search into its mail service Gmail where in users can ask for any sort of questions and the queries will be answered subsequently. Although Google will dig into mailbox to search for the keyword, it remains a question as to how the company plans to maintain privacy on the other hand.

According to an official blog post from the company, users will be able to ask Google about packages, flights, purchases, plans and pictures which might be long lost into the sea of emails and it will return the best answer possible by digging into Google accounts. Google plans to roll out the same to English speaking users using desktops or any mobility devices. Google has assured that the information will be secured via encryption connection and visible only to the users signed into Google accounts. Also there will be provision for users to switch the option on or off which could be done by clicking the globe icon at the top of the search results page. Permanent deactivation will also be provided to users in the search settings. According to Roy Livne, Product manager for Google, "We’ve been offering this kind of info—flights, reservations, appointments and more—for more than a year in Google Now. We’ve gotten great feedback on how convenient it is, especially when you’re on the go. Now that it’s in Google Search, you can get it anytime you need it."

The service is planned to hit users in the US in next few days followed by a global launch sometime later this year.


Source: Google Blog

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