Google to close down Google Buzz but it won’t go alone

On Friday (14th October) Google expressed its feeling related to its ineffective products and service through a blog post and said we launch the products and services in order to help our users so that they can make the internet searches with great comforts. If some of the products are not able to help our users than they are useless and for this reason we have decided to close down some products and we will replace those with another features.

Let’s say buy to the given products

#Code Search: it was designed to aid people search for the open source code all over the web but as it proved to be an ineffective feature Google will close it down along with code search API on 15th Jan 2012.

#Google Buzz: it is also going to be closed within week along with Buzz API and instead Google + will be focused. After this people will have the alternative in the form of Google Profile and will be able to view their existing content and download it very easily by just using Google Takeout.

#Jaiku: Jaiku was brought up in early 2007 for allowing users to send updates to friends but will be close down January 15 2011.

#For the new focus on Google+ the iGoogle’s social features will also be removed on 15th January but iGoogle itself, and non-social iGoogle applications would not get any kind of changes and will be stable as it is.

#Lastly University Research Program for Google Search which usually provide API access to our search results for a small number of approved academic researchers will also be closed on 15th January 2012.

Furthermore the product  removing process will start from today by closing down  Google Labs site will shut down

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