Google to celebrate Ramadan month with users, launches a dedicated website


Google has yet again proved that it is the best when it comes to surprises and technical extravaganza. For instance, the search engine giant has launched a special site to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with its users. Besides, users will be able to avail all the other services from Google, Google + Hangouts, Maps, Youtube videos and more at one stop. Google has stated that users will be able to use the services throughout the entire holy month of Islam.

The portal is a hub of all the services from Google and is inundated with videos related to Ramadan as well as lips smacking recipes usually prepared during the holy month. Google also added that users will be able to watch live streaming of events happening at holy places like Mecca’s Grand Mosque where in they can take part in prayers as well as use Hangouts, tag on Google+ and plan their trip to holy shrines using Google Maps. Google has also listed other real time broadcasts of significant events that is and will be taking place in coming days through out the entire month.

The most astonishing feature in the portal is the sharing hub where in users will be able to take travelling tips as well as food tips along with ‘Search Trend’s’, telling all the trending searches being made related to Ramadan all over the world. Celebrity Hangouts has also been kept on queue among a host of other premium services hosted by the Search Engine Jargon for the holy month of Ramadan.


Source: Google

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