Google Testing Product Listing Ads at Knowledge Graph

the knowledge graph 001

We have seen the recent update from Google in mid of Feb. of this year in order to ads related Google Knowledge Graph that concerned with examine this fact.

You might have noticed that Google show the new format of knowledge graph, an Ad appearing alone beside that seems the copy of the above shown organic Knowledge Graph. Moreover if we go in depth of the Knowledge Graph, then you able to know the fact is that Google ads features has been bring out from Google+ which is found in the Google shopping listing.

Initially we have seen Google Product Listing Ad, if you compare with this new presentation of PLAs for the book its look great features than previous. On the other hand PLAs pushed down too, the organic knowledge graph with the visual replication of the book.

So you can well conclude that Google pushing down the main knowledge graph and preferring the Google shopping paid result at the TOP and calling it sponsored.

Below you can see the snapshot of where PLA is shown as sponsored and an Organic Ad display at bottom

the knowledge graph

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