Google starts listing television shows in search results, enhances its knowledge graph


In its bid to simplify search for any keywords in its search engine, Google has added another feather to its cap by listing specific episodes of TV shows to its knowledge graph results. The announcement was made last week on a blog post in google+ by the search engine jargon.

The new enhancement was explained by Google as ‘For example, say that you’re wondering when the next season of The Walking Dead starts. Try searching for [the walking dead tv show] and you’ll see all episodes listed along with their air dates. The first season kicks off with an episode called “30 Days Without An Accident” on October 13, which means you only have a few days to refresh your memory by watching last season’s final episode, ‘Welcome to the Tombs. Don’t have time to re-watch that episode but still want a refresher? Click on the episode title and you’ll see relevant results,” Google added. “This new episode information is in addition to details you can already find through the Knowledge Graph, like ratings, cast, characters and more.’ Google says that listing works for any old episodes which was already telecasted as well as upcoming shows. Interestingly, few of the episodes carry Netflix titles tagged to them in the listings.

Although few anomalies could be captured while displaying show timings, Google will definitely repair them in due course of time as the tech giant continues to strive hard in making its much anticipated ‘Knowledge Graph’ a grand success.

Source: Google News

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