Google starts its new flight search service for travel searchers

seo IndiaThere is good news for the searchers who initially search for the travel services on Google search engine. Internet giant Google has launched a flight search tool in a potential challenge to online travel services. Although it has purchased flight-data software firm ITA Software last year but this is the initial effort of the company at making it a best, detach feature, along the same lines as Google Finance.

The edge of the search engine is parallel to further Google products, moderately effortless to utilize and not flamboyant. At present, Google Flights search service is only accessible for the chief American routes like slighter airports in the U.S. and International destinations are not yet incorporated.

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Now it only lists round-trip economy-class flights and is presently not considered to be a direct competitor to online travel agents for example Expedia. The results list prices resultant from carriers’ websites, and selecting on the flight you would like will broadcast you to the transporter to absolute the buy.

Google, which required the approval of the US Justice Department for the ITA purchase, said the selection of flight results “is not influenced by any paid relationships.”

Airlines control how their flights are marketed, so as with other flight search providers, our booking links point to airline websites only,” Google said.