Google silently introduces new feature, ‘Offer Extension’ now available to general public

Google has launched a new feature which is going to be a helping hand for marketers and advertisers to entice customers with value specific deals via Google Search called Offer Extension. Not a hard nut to crack but it is just a filter or catalyst which will integrate deals with search thus helping in attaching a clickable coupon or a rebate or discount to any standard Google Search ad. The feature was in limited beta since its launch and now it features in the Adwords extension platform.

According to SEO analysts, Google Adwords Offer Extensions are a very commendable option for advertisers as coupons act as baits to grab more eyeballs for products thus serving its publicity well even though users don’t avail the offer. The feature has readily brought a radical change to hotel business as Google Adwords Offer Extension has proved to be a boon to increase visibility as well as traffic for hotel business. Hotels usually attach a redeemable offer to their Google Search Ads thus when customers click on the “view offer” link, it is redirected to a Google hosted landing page.  Thus offer extensions has given hotels the opportunity to position offers that create traveler intrigue with redeemed booking incentives. Google states that the ads are pay-per-clicks with their rate same as usual.

Google’s new feature has definitely beefed up the online marketing war with products showing various offers on Google Search, thanks to Google Adwords Offer Extension, thus luring users to their business.


Offer Extension


Landing Page

Source: Google News

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