Google shuts down Music Search Service in India as a part of its spring clean-up


Google has announced that it has brought down a specialized free music search service in India. The service, launched in 2010 to resolve anti-piracy gimmicks, was a gateway for users to link to legal music streams or partners’ site. Google has justified the closure by stating that it was a part of its ongoing rationalization of its products to focus resources on high-impact ones.

Google had launched the music search ‘’ as a experimental lab product which licensed metadata of song owners or licensed by partners to make them searchable in internet. Once the music was found, the partners streamed the music directly from their website to the user. About the closure, Google said that "This is part of an ongoing effort across Google to bring greater focus to our portfolio of products.” Google has also stated that since there were many legal music options for users already that features in search, it has packed its bag for music search in the country. As a part of its summer cleaning, Google has stopped this service starting from this month.

Apart from music search, Google has also closed a handful other services recently which the company hopes will help it in focusing its resources better into its core business.

Source: CIO

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