Google Showing Results with Items and Attributes in Snippet / Description

Google picks the text from the website content and displays it as a snippet in the SERPs if your website is missing Meta description or given Meta description is not relevant as per the page. Google keeps on improving snippet called as rich snippet. But to extract text for snippet from websites, now it seems that Google using different specs or Google have different algorithm.

For some of the shopping and other websites which have list of products and services Google now displaying the number of items in the page and number of plus items available along with related information of the products and services as a snippet or we can say list pages to appear with snippets in Google search results.

For example:

If you search for “dsr plastic chair” in “” you can find the change in snippet for the following result.

Items and Attributes in Description


And if you search for “ladies bottoms” in you will get the following result in the second page.


Items and Attributes in Snippet


Similarly if you search for “list of directories for submission” in you will get the following result.


Google Showing Results With Items And Attributes in Description


On searching “SEO articles” in following result will appear.


Google Showing Results with Items and Attributes in Snippet


This shows that Google is giving importance to the visible descriptive text (attributes) for the items or services available in the page.  Thus it become very important to write proper description for the products and services listed in the webpage.


*Note: Above results may be changed

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