Google search status changed to avoid fine by EU Competitions Commission


Google assured that they are likely in approach to make the important modifications in order to the way competitors appear in its search results page, here you can see the three years of observations by the European Commission. Meanwhile, the company had not been seen in the favor of treatments of its own product in search results. At the same time Google announced that, it seems like to resolve these facts further.

European Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said in a Conference, he is not seeking the observations on the Deals made with Google’s formalizations.

He also added:

I consider at this point that they don’t need a market analysis

In 2010 The Company was noticed by rivals for crush out the competition.

EU regulators said, they will end the investment in order to Google accusations "forward with a detailed commitment text in January 2013.

if they found guilty in their investigation then in order of breaching anti-trust rules, Google could face a fine of up to $4bn (£2.5bn).

Joaquin Almunia said before the European Parliament:

We have reached at a conclusion in this case that is; with relevant and specific modifications on the table, we are having the hope to work again

In December2013, the EU’s Competition Commission sent a notice to Google a month to investigation in the following areas.

  1. The way Google presents "their own vertical search services that is quite different" from other, competing products.
  2. How Google "copies content" from other websites including its own services.
  3. The privacy, Google has to make search terms for people use.
  4. Obligations on advertisers from running their online Ad campaigns to competitors search engines.


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