Google Search introduces nutritional data search function, tells what you’re eating

Good news for calorie burners who are conscious about their diet as Google has added nutritional data search function to its search page. Recently introduced, users can know the carbohydrate, calorie, sugar, sodium, fat and other nutritional data for over more than 1000 food items including meat. Although, the feature was initially launched in the obese ruled United States, it has been made available globally now.

Google says the search update is a part of their ‘knowledge graph’ which gathers relevant and substantial information from a variety of sources and presents it alongside or above the traditional organic search results page. If an user searches for carbohydrate in rice, Google won’t just give a list of relevant websites where users can buy or find rice, rather now on it’ll provide with the exact number of carbohydrates that rice has, including the quantity which user can adjust accordingly.

Although Google had added only a few numbers of food to its database at start, the company has been adding more options and available foods to its list. As Google continues to expand the possibilities for types of search users can make, the company says it will continue to add such features to its search engine where in the common people can be benefitted with the information.

As for now, nutritional data search feature is step in right direction towards making nutritional information easily accessible to health conscious diners. So the next time you grab a snack and wanted to know what it carries, just make a Google Search. Simple !

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Source : Google

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