Google Search: Based On Vital Gmail & Google Drive

google search

With the new experiments to serve its users with the best possible relevant results, Google has introduced a new feature for an improved search based on your Gmail and Google drive. Currently its field trial is available only in the U.S. for “” addresses in English only. Sooner or later everybody would taste the best of it.

Fetching the most relevant information from your Gmail and Google Drive faster, while you do the Google search, is simpler and better now.

For instance, Google has posted several examples for different searches:


Enhanced flight tracking[my flights]

To get the best related information and updates for your upcoming flights by searching on

google search updates

Receipts from your Email[my purchases]

To know the “purchases” from particular merchants and to follow their shipment status.


Emails relevant to your search[holiday party emails]

To search emails regarding “party”.


Files from Google Drive – [Lake Tahoe docs]

To search for “Lake Tahoe docs” related documents, presentations, spreadsheets etc. from Google drive.

Sources: Google

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