Google Search Activity – Manual Vs. Algorithmic Action


During the previous two weeks there is a stir going on in webmaster world and SEO community, if Google looking for any algorithmic change either Penguin or Panda. But as per my concerned there is no any such update comes out from Google side right now, but on the other hand the heck of penalties made up upon the sites that is sure, at the same time Manual Action and widespread targets is on over during recent couple of days.

You might have noticed recently a large Guest Blogging Network has been penalized. For example Google has taken immediate action against the similar link networks in Germany, Spain and Italy. Similarly earlier of the month Google also target the networks from Poland and France.

The fact is very clear this time Google will indeed stepped up their action through manual way, Google is targeting the networks those are trying to play game with Google’s rankings factors. The action is being impact on a large scale and similarly on the small scale manual action.

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