Google Says Army ‘quality raters’ to flag Holocaust denial

Google updates, new rating system to assess the quality of its system.

new update by GoogleThe performance of Search term done by the company’s “quality raters”, that provides the searches related to queries like “did the Holocaust happen”, misinformation, propaganda and hate speech.

These contractors help to provide every potential problem and are asked to confirm the result on whether they meet the user’s need.

In this new update, rolled out on Tuesday, Google introduced flag raters, although, it is not mentioned specific reason for the update, it comes three months after the Guardian and Observe began a series of stories display how the search engine use extreme content.

One story highlighted how a search for “did the Holocaust happen” returned, a link to the supremacist forum Stormfront, define how to display Holocaust denial to others.

Google Declined to comment over the new guidelines, but search engineer Paul haahr told “We will see how some of this works out. I’ll be honest. We are learning as we go. We’ve been very pleased with what raters give us in general. We’ve only been able to improve ranking as much as we have over the years because we have this really strong rater programme that gives us real feedback on what we’re doing”.