Google RSS Reader goes off, Flipboard shows ‘no content’

Google has finally shut down its RSS news feed service today. Soon after the pre announced shutdown at 8 AM BST, the alternate apps started showing glitches with Flipboard users getting ‘no content’ alert as well as Feedly, another news feed app, showing ‘over capacity’ alert to its users. According to the report which disclosed the news, Google had announced the shut down of its service for news feed three months back. The initiativeGoogle RSS Reader goes off, Flipboard shows ‘no content’ was taken so as to help developers to migrate to alternatives as soon as possible for avoiding outage.

Google is currently offering its Takeout tool to users, which will stay alive until July 15th, in order to let users export users’ list of RSS feed subscription as an OPML file so that the information could be imported to other products. According to developers from Feedly, which also faced issues after the shut down, Google started sending data in HTML rather than in Java script, that might have led to such prompts and alerts. Feedly’s chief executive, Edwin, expressed his concern over the issue and has assured that his company is fully committed to fix the issue as soon as possible. Another app affected from the outage, Flipboard, also mentioned that it’s users are experiencing error that showed ‘no new items’ to download and that there was no content to view in the Google Reader section of its app. Only one app that survived without any glitches was Digg.

Google Reader had been the most popular tool among users allowing them to keep a track of all the latest stories posted by their favorite websites without having to visit them separately and its shut down will definitely be a concern for all the third party apps that was dependent on its services entirely.



Source: Google

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