Google revamps its search engine: give high hopes for advertisements

Search giant, Google, recently launched the beta version of a new addition to its search engine for businesses that advertises alongside its search results. The ability to add visual elements to search ads came as a boon to business firms as now onwards they can showcase their products or location as a glimpse to internet.

Although Google offered search-ads in text formats till now, but starting from now it will start offering a variety of ads format across its networks as well as properties for helping users to make Google search more relevantly. Image extensiogoogle-ad-extensionns add more relevance to products to be searched for like the shape of the body of a car or the cut of a pair of jeans. Google says users can expect more richer and diverse extensions in the search results in near future.

Although only search ad extensions were allowed, the search engine giant has been catching up the multimedia approach of advertising leading to a diversification among business as for some the changes has spoilt the simplicity or purity of its search results page.

According to Google: “Image extensions enable you to more accurately convey the body style of a car, the cut of a pair of jeans, or a particular shade of eye shadow, making your ads richer and more informative so they stand out in a crowded marketplace.”

Although, the feature has been launched in English only, Google plans to extend it to other local languages thus giving a chance to local business to shine and prosper. Although, the images will be reviewed after submitting and the advertiser will be granted the rights for the image, the company sources added.


Sources : Google

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