Google revamps its Product Search homepage & drops

local optimizationGoogle starts its Product search home page, which I personally feel looks very stylish, cool and ultimately it is un-googley.

It looks like a complete major department store website. It’s subjected by an oversized image area that transforms throughout a chain of five different products. For each on the left of the image, there are some descriptions in a short text, and then a couple rows of characteristic products beneath the fold.

As there is extremely bit text in the page, when it come to retail SEO this would not be considered the “best practices” especially when you are an online retailer There’s extremely little text on the page, so if you’re an online retailer.But let me remind you, this is not just a first change. Continuing with this Google also explains that the deeper pages are also being redesigned. It initiates with the clothing category, where images are larger and some new options available and they are searching by color, outline and genre.

A part from this there is also a “visually similar” search that will show apparel from other designers that intimately remind you of an item that the searcher is screening.

So what are you waiting for visit now at Google’s Product search home page to avail the unique experience of purchasing.

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