Google retrieves it old drop down menu

It was November 2011 when Google introduced its new black drop down menu but seriously it was not visible for everyone, even I personally could not see this and still not seeing it. It means it was not completely rolled.

There are lots of people who can see the new black colored version that looks like this:

Black Bar Menu

This is one which Google Rolled out in November but what I am seeing is the same old, simple and easy to see drop down menu that looks like this:

Old Drop Down Menu

Confirming the comeback of this old drop down menu, Ruben at Google Blogoscoped Forums saying “Google is testing this new, which is old, version again”

I guess the new black bar menu, google rolled in November was not fully rolled out and most of the users are seeing the old version, (which is very simple and good) in their browser. So we must say that “Old is Gold” and it will always be.

what do you say?

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