Google Retires Old Google AdSense Interface

Before sometime Google made an announcement that it is going to dump its Google AdSense interface but for some reason it took bit time to do that so but now finally Google has performed the task and officially retired the old AdSense interface.

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Now at the current point of time if you will login to the Google AdSense interface you will be sent to the new interface with no a link to "return to the old interface."


Regarding this query there are tons of complaints on WebmasterWorld forums.

Google wants to place a huge placard over the employee entry –

"Just because you CAN do something, does NOT mean that you should."

Rather than –

"Let’s try everything – something might work."

Another publisher said, "That ruined my afternoon!"

Besides, we had two years and Google was very translucent regarding the switch over.

Forum discussed at WebmasterWorld, Seroundtable etc…

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