Google reportedly testing Image Search ‘Collection’ feature for Google Image Search

Google has been tweaking its search engine for sometime now and this time the search engine jargon is reportedly working on an image search feature which will let users to create collections and save image results for personal research in future. It has been stated that the new feature could integrate with all existing Google profiles.

google-reportedly-testing-image-search-collection-feature-for-google-image-searchThe new ‘collection’ feature might be analogous to Google’s existing application, Notebook which has been in existence since 2006. It was then described as a ‘way for users to save and organize their thoughts when conducting research online. Although Notebook never came to limelight, the new feature might be a replacement for the same. Google had shut down Notebook last year and had replaced it with Google Drive, the cloud service from Google. Although it is not yet clear if the image collection feature is just another testing by Google or if it is an actual product coming up soon, many users has reported the sighting of the same in their search results page.

Although Google has not announced anything yet, image search collection feature won’t be a bad idea if implemented as it will enhance the user experience of image search in Google.

Source: Google News