Google Removes New Webmaster Guideline You Can’t Block Google Ads


Day ago, Google made a update regarding the Webmaster Guidelines, which elaborates that you cannot block the Google ads in order to its technical requirements URL with your robots.txt file.

It looks like Google has removed the new modifications that updated recently, from their Guidelines. This isn’t clear yet why, but I got a little surprising the facts in the relevance reply from Google in order to which I requested in regards to the Webmaster Guidelines.

Make efforts to confirm that a robots.txt file doesn’t block a destination URL for a Google Ad product. Adding such a block will disable or disadvantage the Ad.

It was absolutely confusing as a result of Google asks you specifically to quite different Ads from being crawled. But here, now Google needs you to permit Google to crawl those Ads. You would be able to observe why, as a result of Google uses landing page quality score as a part of AdWords ranking however still, it’s confusing however they stated it. Now, the language and also the bullet purpose, is totally gone. The rules area unit back to however they were the day before.

We were considering one thing on these lines since advertising programs (not simply ours) typically got to crawl the landing pages; however we have to adopt to not add it to the webmaster Guidelines. And says sorry for the confusion.

At the same time he also says, he is in more confusion from before.

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