Google releases its first beta version of Chrome Remote Desktop

Do you wish to work on another computer? Here you are, now you can easily remotely access it via another network using another computer by Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop feature. This is so handy for those who work on numerous accounts or those retaining an account with their associations or friends.

Chrome Remote Desktop beta version has fantastic users in the IT industry and those in the business. This turns out to be the most used tool ever since its release on Friday. According to the release notes, “Chrome Remote Desktop BETA is fully cross-platform, so you are able to join any two computers that comprise a Chrome browser, Linux, Mac, Chromebooks, and including Windows.”

Google says the aim of the beta release is to show the core "Chrome Remoting technology" & find feedback from users.

The protocol is designed and based on several google technologies like:

-Bottom layer is p2p connection established by libjingle, this can be udp, tcp or relay through google.
-We use PseudoTcp implementation in libjingle to provide reliable
-On top of that is SSL connection.

-protobuf is used for structured data and framing.

-Graphics is encoded using VP8.


Chrome users can download and install Chrome Remote Desktop, a 19+ Megabyte download from the official Chrome Web Store. Since it is a beta release it is advised not to install the extension in a productive environment. You can use other applications like Teamviewer to connect to other systems remotely

If you want to use this dynamic feature you can download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop, it’s a 19+ Megabyte download from the official Chrome Web Store. As it is a beta release it is strongly advised not to install t

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