Google Plus continues to shine, could catch up with Facebook soon


Although we cannot see much of activities going on in Google+ unlike in Facebook, but according to statistical data, Google+ has roped in as the second most popular social networking site after Facebook. According to a report, Facebook has the maximum share of users logging into other websites using its login with a percentage of 46 followed by Google+ with a strong hold of 34 percent.

Google plus was launched back in June 2011 with a limited number of users which was Google’s foray into the ever growing social networking dominated by Facebook. Although started late, Google+ has solidified its position as the number 2 social network after Facebook with a strong 500+ million users and 343+ million active users. In the two years since its inception, Google+ has managed to zoom past many other social networking sites launched prior to Google+ years ago. Google+ is currently holding a noble stand in social logins according to the report. Also sharing in Google+ has grown by 19 percent per month as compared to 10 percent for Facebook. At this rate, it is believed that Google will surpass Facebook by May of 2016.

Although Facebook has almost a double ton users as compared to Google+ but if statistics comes true, we’ll definitely see a new social networking site toppling the charts in a couple of years after almost a decade rule by Facebook.

Source: Google

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