Google placing Google+ pages with Google places search result: confused?

It might be getting bit tough to pronounce this title or someone of you would be considering it a “tongue twister” but this is something different to your perception.

Now let me come to the topic. As we know Google is moving very progressively with its intensive plan to correlate all its services with Google+ and my discussion is about Google+ pages latest integration with places search results means Google will now show the Google+ pages with places search result as simple as it is.

As reported by Mike Blumenthal of posted about what was showing up in Google’s local results. While entering the phrase “transmission servicing Lexington ky” by blumenthals in the search box the results showed in the same format as it usually was showing but along with this there were some additional features as well. Guess what? The google+ page icon was right next to one Places search result.

seo india

And by clicking on the listing you will be taken the Page owner’s personal account and not their Google+ page.

Google plus

If the report posted by Mike Blumenthal of is true and Google+ pages have really been integrated with the places, than it would surely prove very beneficial for business to create and highlight the google+ presences.

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