Google Places Quality Guidelines Updated For Business Title As Real Name

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Google has made a new update in regards to the Google places quality guidelines, this happens again when you need to make sure, how you can use your business name, whether at Google places, Google local or Google maps.

This time Google places providing a convenient way now you can be able to use your users name and their local business together, both are now online and relevant to the real world. You can say, Google trying to serve its end users or your potential consumers through this way, Google brings up with a set of parameters or guidelines for your Google places account along with your local listings.

Below you can see Google Places quality guidelines, I have included

You’re Google Places Account

Ownership:  Google makes it clear, merely business owners or the authorized personal can verify their business listings on the Google places.

Account Email Address:  You must use a shared business email account, in order to if multiple users can be able to updating your business listings. Possibly the best way to use an email account on behalf your business domain. For example you have a domain or website name as then similarly you can use your email address like (your name)

You’re Business Listing

Business Name

1. Your business tile must relevant or refer as a real world title.

2. In order to your title of the business, you can include a single descriptor considering the facts that must helpful to the customers that land on your business and easily they can recognize what you are offering for them.

3. Marketing taglines, your phone numbers, store codes, or URL may not a valid descriptors.

4. There are few recommendations for acceptable titles with descriptors, you can use in italics for demonstration purposes, like you have business of furniture then you can title as (your real name) “ABC’s furniture works” not like “ABC’s best furniture works”.

Business location

you must use the accurate address, when you creating listings then you have noticed that Address Line 1 and Address Line 2 must fill the correct as physically address appears there, P. O. Boxes not considered as accurate physical address.

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