Google Places page denies updating new images

seo indiaThere are tons of complaints coming from several business owners that they are having crisis in updating images in Google places page.

Adding the new images is getting very complicated and they are trying different browsers, links, listings, terminal locations but nothing seems working and all are giving the same response that is "We are unable to store your image at this time".

The vital thread could be found at Google Places Help forum where Google is confirming the issue and giving suggestion to remove the bug.

By confirming the issue one of the Google’s employee vanessagene saying:

We know you’re having trouble, and we’re working on it — but in the mean time, if you’re having trouble uploading your photos via the Places dashboard, use the photo upload tool via the listing itself, and manage them via your Picasa web album.

Here I have a snapshot regarding this bug, have a look on it:

Google places bug

I hope the issue will be cleared in a short span of time and we could easily update our images very soon, let’s hope for the best.

Forum discussion at Google Places Help.

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