Google Places Bug: ‘We currently do not support the location’

There is a rain of complaints on Google Places Help about the recently appeared bug. Users saying that their Places Info comes up “We currently do not support the location"Google Places Bug

One of the users initially remarked and said:

Our place page has disappeared. We just see the "we currently do not support this location."  We had reviews and links on our website to this place page map, now it’s all jacked up.
I can see the listing that I created and verified years ago in my Google places account and it still says "active" but you can’t even search on the physical address of our location in Google maps

By confirming the issue one of the Google’s employees Joel H said:

We’ve just finished making some changes to restore listings. Sorry for the issue and thanks all for your patience.

Although Joel said that this problem has been fixed but just a few hours later one more person reported and said:

Issue is that Google gives the message, that the location isn’t found. When searching for the company name, it is indeed not found, unless you look on Maps while logged into the Google account. Can you fix this, Google please?

It seems that this is not just an ordinary issue, and GW’s should think of it seriously to remove this bug forever.

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