Google Places Analytics missing impression data: the Bug

seo india“0 impressions 0 actions “Yes this is a Google places analytics bug which has been bothering multiple business owners for more than one month there are several complaints in the Google Places Help regarding this issue.

Empiricalpoint” one of the complainers from Google Places Help says:

All of the listings in my dashboard (3) are missing any impressions and actions. They are all listed as active. Can you please help with updating info or confirming that the listings are indeed active and showing?

Well this is just a problem of one but there are lots of users who have the same problem. Although Googlers working to prevent this bug but yet no solution has been found.

By confirming the issue Vanessa from Google says:

We’re still having some technical trouble with this. But with the holiday, we’re not going to be able to get a fix out the door until early January. Thanks for being patient and reporting more examples of this here!


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