Google Penalty for Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content Penalty:

When it comes to content of a website, there are simply no two ways about it. Content counts and hence it should be relevant, informative and of good quality. However, more often than not, it is observed that website owners do not give due importance to the content. In order to save efforts and money, most of the sites even make do with duplicate content. Duplicate content is one of the biggest faSEO Services Indiactors that poses a grave threat to a website’s success and its search engine ranking as well. There is a penalty for duplicate content. And when it comes to Google, the duplicate content penalty is quite severe.

A website’s success depends on the search engine ranking it gets. It is only because of good SERP that a website generates good volume of quality traffic and hence makes more sales. All major search engines like Google etc. have certain set of parameters based on which they rank websites. Content is one of the factors involved. Search engines prefer those websites that have fresh, original and relevant content. The sites having duplicate content are penalized by search engines. This can have a damaging effect on a site’s future.

One of the biggest penalty is the downfall of the search engine ranking of a site. The site can even be de-indexed. Google is very particular about the types of duplicate content and penalizes them accordingly. Google is mainly concerned about the two types of duplicate content. The first is when a site lists the same page hundreds of times with just a few words changed. This is done basically to achieve high ranking on a wide range of keywords. This is certainly not liked by Google.

The second type is where the content revolves around affiliate programs. This is basically done by websites to establish an affiliate program. Although Google does not mind an affiliate program, but what it cannot stand is when an affiliate program takes a template and then offers it to its base of affiliates to use. What happens is that some of the websites with high traffic end up with thousands of duplicate websites all promoting the very same things. As per Google’s parameters, these websites do not offer any real value to the Internet. Consequently such sites are de listed by Google.

Thus it is clear that duplicate content penalty Google can be really bad for a site. In order to steer clear of this, it is important to follow the below mentioned points.

  • Always write original and quality content for the site
  • Do not publish any content on your site as well as on any article directory simultaneously.
  • Never post multiple pages that have the same content on your domain.

In order to attain good search engine ranking and earn good ROI, it is very important that a website has original and quality content. By paying heed to the quality of content, any website can easily gain good search engine ranking.

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