Google penalizes Rap Genius lyrics site for Gambling search tactics.

rap genius

One of the world’s most popular Lyrics site Rap Genius has been blacklisted form Google Searches after a suspicious SEO (search engine optimization) tactics. Google has set an example simultaneously for the Rap Genius, caught on conducting SEO spammy activities over the Internet and how significant Google is for Internet Markets. This incident goes through, when Rap Genius on their own Facebook page ask the fans and followers for “Rap Genius blog affiliates.” This was all about for getting more traffic, and site – ranking purposes and less for the collaboration, Google soon caught their activities and disavow their links from the web and hence become the victims of creating the Spam over the web.

The site not went off the Internet in sum, at the same time the domain remains the same position to the top among other Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc. and other Search Engines. But eventually Google denies their searches for the consequences of its Traffic.

Meanwhile, the founders of the Rap Genius, instantly wrote a feedback, in response of what the Competitors in the lyrics world have been using worse tactics so far and they stated also that TechCrunch saying” we are working with Google right now to resolve this issue.

Hopefully; there are several methods being used to get #1 rank on Google, but some of them are more spammy than others consequences of being victims Google Algorithm and get penalized or banished from the top. i.e. J.C. penny, found itself banished from the front page in 2011 when Google found thousands of links to their site that is used randomly websites all over the web.

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