Google pays tribute to Claude Debussy with a doodle


Google has often been applauded for its spectacular wonders, for instance, the Google Doodle. Doodles are spontaneous changes made to the Google logo often marked with occasions like holidays, anniversaries and the lives of famous artists, pioneers and scientists. Well, this time the search engine giant has come up with a new doodle to mark the birth anniversary of the famous French music composer, Claude Debussy.

Google Doodle, which the company incorporated at the Burning Man festival before even the boom of Google by the founders, Larry and Sergery has shown its technological marvel and has been widely acclaimed by users all over the world. Google has incorporated over 1000 doodles so far in their home page. Google states that there is a dedicated group of talented illustrators who works in creating such doodles in the search engine’s home page. The present doodle marks the birth anniversary of one of the most famous and influential musical composer of all time, Claude Debussy. Known for his frequent eschewing of tonality and presence of sensory component in his music, Claude had led a movement of renaissance for classical music in his time.

The Doodle carries one of his tunes which plays in background continuously. The Doodle can be accessed right from the home page of Google.

Source: Google

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