Google pays $125 million for Zagat

seo IndiaWSJ reported on Friday that the giant search engine Google paid $125 million for restaurant-review company Zagat but while Google declared the achievement on by a blog of its company, it did not clearly reveal the exact cost of the purchase.

Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of location and local services, commend the 32-year old publishing company in a Google blog post on Thursday.

As now that the company has got the Zagat, the authority in shop reviews and restaurant, Google would be able to incorporate a wealth of ratings across its search products, and no longer have to detain its staff in cherished moments to make content.

We are very excited to offer high-quality trusted reviews for people when they search for businesses,” Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice-president of local, maps and locations told the financial Times. “I imagine this being integrated across the Google suite.

In 2009, Google has tried to pay for yelp for $500m but the deal fell through. In buying Zagat, Google is obligating to maintaining its labour-intensive editorial procedure sooner than the simpler crowd-sourced Yelp approach.

Google as a company has been very focused on algorithms to get other people’s content,” said Charlene Li, an analyst with the Altimeter Group. “Now they’ll be focused on generating their own content.”

An analyst with Opus Research Greg Sterling said, “Restaurant reviews are kind of a commodity,”

With high-quality reviews Google can keep the users who search for the business on Google from navigating away to another site.

If you’re a Yelp fan, you’ll go to Yelp,” he said. “But if you don’t have an affinity for the other sites, then Google has an enormous advantage because of its power and reach and visibility. If Google has just enough content, people will stay there.”

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