Google Panda Update: Who Win &Who Lose?

Google unveil its latest iteration of the Panda update, this past week, which the company (as usual) downplays as only one of approximately 500 annual algorithm alterations.

When they put it in that way it doesn’t seem like such a big deal however for those who have vanished foremost traffic because of it, it was a larger deal than the majority of those other around 499 changes. Ask about it to “Dani Horowitz” from Daniweb, who perceived the huge drop in traffic and poured about it before the update confirmed with Google.

Daniweb was the one who had been penalized by panda earlier this year and somehow managed to get back to a 110% recovery– something the minority have been competent to attain. Then along came Panda “2.5” early in the week and ate up approx half % of the Daniweb’s traffic quickly. All the hard slog that Daniweb placed in that recovery might as well have been wasted.

Daniweb is not the only one who has been penalized by Panda “2.5” the SearcMetrics has released a data list of some winners and losers.

Given below is the  list of biggest losers:

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Now see the list of those who have won in this segment: The Winners