Google Panda update January 2012?

google pandaNo matter what issues my website is having but if it loses its ranking only Google panda is responsible. we can call it fear or either a myth between people regarding Google panda but it’s true as Panda is consider to be a cruel enemy of Duplicate sites web owners always look scary of its arrival.

Again on WebmasterWorld thread there are some complaints claiming Google Panda update where others are saying no.

one of the complainer on  WebmasterWorld thread saying “I see rankings are jumping all over the place, certainly something is going on right now. I see one of my sites that was ranking for brand keyword for my own brand that I own is now ranking #6th but affiliate site is ranking #1

It may be true or could be false but can’t directly point Google panda it is better to fix the website issue by executing some white hat tactics. It’s not good to impose everything on Google Panda…