Google Panda recovery overnight! Is it Possible?

google pandaI have recovered from Google panda update overnight! Seriously if you will say this to a person who has been pandalized and struggling to regain his/her website’s ranking for several months will surely laugh on you because recovering from Google panda overnight is not a child’s play.

A WebmasterWorld thread is a witness of this majestic achievement. Yeah I know it is tough to digest but it’s true. A SEO who has been a Webmaster World’s member since 2006 claiming that he has been recovered from Google Panda overnight.

Now the question is How he did it? What idea he implemented? Or did he directly talk to panda? Well did nothing liked that being an SEO he just implemented his own skills. He took some of the pandalized content from the old site and moved them to the new one. He said since doing so it took 24 hours for Google to start indexing the pages on the new site and he noticed 300% of increment in traffic.

Look what he says about the Instant Panda Recovery

I’d heard quite a bit about getting out from under Panda just by moving sub-domains or pages so I finally gave it a try. I moved a half dozen pages that were drawing a few hundred visitors a day from Google on my Pandalized (down 80%) site to my Panda pleased (up over 300%) site this weekend.

It took a little over 24 hours for Google to start indexing the pages on the new site so I’m not sure if Monday results represent a full day. Of the half dozen pages, three were slightly above their pre-Panda level (year-over-year) on Monday, and three were around 20% under. The average Google traffic for the six pages Monday was around 250 visitors each.

So now the waiting begins for the next Panda cycle. I’m expecting one of three things to happen, so it will probably be the fourth.

According to me these results seems to be temporary because panda doesn’t know the word “MERCY” but if results are permanent than nothing can be good than this.

What do you say?

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