Google – Off Topic Links Are Not Problematic or Unnatural


When you think to optimize your website, the first question arise in your mind the link creating for the site. This is the most important part in terms of ranking factor of the website. And you always concerned with the quality link to have  your site. On the contrary if your site hasn’t quality links then it may harm site rank on SERPs. You might have considered few months ago Google said that they likely to disavow the unnatural links, and in regards to this update few sites lost their ranking.

But this time Google’s head official John Mueller spoke by addressing the webmaster world that they need to worry at all if they are creating backlinks for their site and those are off topic in other word you can those site are not having the relevance to your site even this can’t harm your site ranking.

At the same time he also added by observing the record:

You just make sure that there is no need of disavow the links from the sites that are off topics. This tool is not relatively meant for the situations when there is being passing unnatural, PageRank – passing links that you can’t have removed.

So you can well conclude that all off topic links are not problematic or unnatural.

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