Google Maps continues to sparkle, brings Diagon Alley to Street View

Good news for Harry Potter die-hard fans and followers. Now you needn’t just dream how it feels like to be in the most famous alley, Diagon Alley as Google Maps Street View offers a chance to explore the famous fictional market place with a 360 degree viewing angle. The Diagon Alley used to appear in Harry Potter movies and it has been placed as one of the most sought after imaginative yet amazing places.

Diagon Alley was physically built in the Warner Brothers’ studio located in UK when the movie was shot and the same was completed in 3 months span. Artists took a staggering 6 months to create almost 20,000 different items and packages that are scattered around the set and interestingly it never missed anything as depicted by J K Rowling in her best seller. Google’s Street View offers a detailed virtual tour of the alley with views for famous shops as well including Olivander’s Wand Shop and Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. The only advantage for Potter fans is that they needn’t go physically to explore the fabled market place where as they can easily avail a detailed street view of the same. Google has been offering 360 degree tours of leading landmarks including world heritage sites and eminent buildings but Diagon Alley is definitely the first of it’s kind with street view of a movie set incorporated.

Google Maps also uses its Business Photos technology to offer views of buildings that has been abandoned long ago. The maps giant had recently added the street view for the island used as villain’s secretive hide out in the latest Bond movie, Skyfall.

Google Maps continues to sparkle, brings Diagon Alley to virtual tour

Source: Google

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