Google makes its home page more trendy and attractive

seo IndiaGoogle is really best among all, why? Because of it’s often happening creativities and inventions. Now one more thing has hit the chart “The new changes in its home page”. If you have visited its homepage before few days and not checked it now. You will check out some attractive changes in its home page’s site layout. Specifically, the size of Google logo has also reduced a bit, and you will perceive a black navigation bar at the head of the page. Google declares this change was brought by the need to have an additional consistent user understanding transversely applications and, more prominently, across devices.

The new-fangled look protruded for a miniature numbers of users Tuesday and was being pressed to a wider but still incomplete viewers Wednesday. In the next few days more Google users will observe the black-bar devise when they stay, as well as crossways other Google products — Google Docs, Google Calendar, Gmail, Picasa and etc.

But this time at the place of seeing new choices on the major search page only, there’s a list of options at the top of every Google search page. For instance, if you search for “mobiputing,” you’ll see tabs for web, images, places, and news at the top of the screen. Just scroll down and the tabs will disappear, so they don’t take up that much screen space.

You could spout the more buttons in order to sight other options counting Google Shopping, Google Books, or YouTube. It is so good to have the characteristics obtainable from any page, as you infrequently visit Instead just type a search question into my mobile or desktop browser and the first page

The URL has also been changed place frankly underneath the headline for all search result, striking the search oddments inferior. Google Maps is too getting a quantity of new design twists, although these may be fewer perceptible to anybody excluding Maps power users. Inspect the reformation in this search for "oysters Portland Maine" before and after the changes.