Google loses €50,000 ($64,670) for erroneous word suggestion

seo services indiaDeliberately or unknowingly” No idea But Google’s claimed to be a guilty for showing a faulty word suggestion. Recently Google France has been ordered to pay €50,000 ($64,670 to a French company after its search engine involuntarily added “escroc” the word which means swindler “con” after the company’s name.

The American internet giant’s search engine comprises Google Inform, an auto-complete method which suggests the suspension of the phrase based on the archetypal few characters or words typed in.

After the action was passed by insurance company Lyonnaise de Garantie, Google was strained to pay up.

A Paris court held that the addition of the offending word "was offensive towards the company." The court said that Google should be able to exercise "human control" over the functioning of words suggested by its search engine.

Google said the auto-complete functionality was not the "expression of a human thought", an "opinion" or a "value judgement or criticism" but was the result of its automatic algorithm.

According to the BFM Business news the company ran into comparable evils when an person found his name was robotically followed by "violeur" ("rapist").

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