Google launches – Private Ferry Service Fully Wi-Fi-Equipped for Its Workers.

google ferry

The Search Giant Google has launched a private ferry service for its employees that is long 83 foot, and fully Wi-Fi- equipped catamaran form San Francisco’s ferry terminal to Port of Redwood City that is approx 42 kilometers away, where employees can hope for independent private transport to work. Namely the “Triumphant “ the charter ferry able to bring up to 150 passengers which runs twice every morning as well as evening, along with voyages short about 47 minutes towards each way, accordingly said to KPIX- TV.

Google hope for the best over the controversy rose as they launched the ferry service on the same day at San Francisco city, staffs said that Google and other tech companies like Apple Inc, and Genentech Inc, they use public bus stops to carry up the more than thousands of employees on private transports, and they pay approximately $US1 for each stop every day as part of an 18-month pilot program.

On the contrary; Google’s critics says that Google’s ferries are not excited by disclosing the news of the boat, but allege worry that sailboats can lay the consequences for the adverse effect upon the environment than shuttle buses.



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