Google launches insurance price comparison service in France, currently in Beta version


Without any spectacular press release, Google has launched a insurance price comparison service in France. Launched in beta version, the website help users to compare insurance policies of various policy makers available in France. Although the search engine jargon has added car insurance as of now, the company plans to roll out other categories of insurance policies as well.

To access the same, users need to go through an URL and users will be able to compare policies for 7 companies as of now – 4assur, AllSecur (Allianz), Acomme Assure, Aloa Assurance (Covéa), Active Assurances et SOS Malus although provision for new insurance company joining the league has been rightfully placed in the webpage. It is believed that the new service will be launched once Google receives the results of user reviews. The service is a noble inception that offers more visibility for users in buying insurance policies. Although BeatThatQuote in London had already launched one of such services in 2012, the firm was bought by Google in the next phase of time and has a net count of 128 such partners currently.

Google plans to launch this service as soon as possible as it can lure insurance firms as well as potential customers together.

Source: Google News

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