Google launches balloons to sky, gives you 3G-speed internet services

If you see any translucent jellyfish shaped balloons in the sky in coming days, you need not freak out as the flimsy helium filled inflatables will be the first of thousands which Google plans to launch to the sky to provide internet connection to world’s 4.8 billion people who are still not wired into the world wide web services covering remotest of places. Although still in highly experimental stage, these balloons are a product from Google’s secretive X labs.

Google, known for its bizarre yet highly acclaimed product research like the driverless car or internet surfing sun glasses, has been working on Project Loon, where in they plan to launch flying balloons fitted with electronic equipment including radio antennae, a flight computer, an altitude control system and solar panels capable of providing power to the equipment which in turn will provide 3G-speed internet to users. These balloons will be launched 12 miles into stratosphere with each balloon capable of providing internet access to area twice the size of New York City, according to sources. The signals will hop forward from one balloon to the next, along a backbone of up to 5 balloons.

Launching its experimental services in New Zealand, Google plans to use the technology in remote areas where in it is impossible to access to internet as well in times of natural disasters when the entire network cramps out of service. As the world’s largest advertising network, Google has aggressive plans up its sleeves to expand its empire across masses and to show its lucrative ads.



Source : Google

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