Google launches a new website (what do you love)

seo company IndiaGoogle comes with a new website which is stands for what do you love. It enables you to offer the results of your searches transversely twenty diverse Google products on single page. The Google users and searchers and users can use WDYL as a one-stop web shop for optimistic search proposals associated to a single topic.

Users will be enable to search for the things they like to search and they are interested in, for example foods, films and lots of streams of content on the topic from Google’s a variety of search engines by the

A part from this new website will concurrently give search results on Google Trends, Google Maps, Google Alerts, Google Patent Search, Product Search, Google Blog Search, Sketchup, Google Books, YouTube, Google Translate, Picasa, Google News, Google Earth, Google Image Search, and Google Mobile Search and on several other Google tools.

As off the site is not that active and many of the results are not mainly precise or cooperative, but as everything improves by the passes of the time so it will also become better with the time. Now it presents a pleasant idea that might return improved results based on more precise keywords. Hereafter it possibly will also assist with collecting a diversity of content from dissimilar services about a single topic, before having to go through each site’s native search engine.

Google said has promised to add some more interested features to What Do You Love? over time. We imagine that results from Real-time and Google+ will be some of the features it will add.

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