Google launches a hotel-searching tool

seo indiaAs people rely on google for searching everything they want and Google also doesn’t want to disappointed them that’s why it is giving you every information you wish to get related to every single topic.

Now the giant search engine (google) on Thursday came into touch with the websites like Expedia,, and Kayak by establishing a tool for searching hotels.

Hotel Finder, service is called an experiment because previous time it was only accessible in the US, but now people can check out for the hotels and reservations in so many cities.

Hotel Finder associates to other hotel search sites, like Expedia and, for booking reservations proviso they are Google advertisers, and these websites present Google with cost and accessibility info. Google as well links to the hotel’s individual site.

The hotel value ads, as Google calls them, also show up on Google Maps and the main search engine. Advertisers simply recompense if a user clicks on a price listing.

Google seems to be interesting in creating more and more searching tools for that it spent $700 million in order to acquire I.T.A. Software, a flight search company. It has not yet introduced flight search tools and the company alleged the hotel search didn’t utilize I.T.A.’s technology

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