Google is strict Against Rich Snippet Spam & Spammy Structured Markup, Sending Notice to Webmasters


This time Google seems so strict upon the rich snippet spam and spammy structured markup. I think this can be so terrible for the SEO Industry. At the same time, I like to mention that if you belong to SEO community then you should not be surprised because, Matt Cutts the head of Google spam has been warning from earlier days and they are likely to action against this kind of tactics.

If you believe in the recent news from Webmasters community, they are requesting their competitors in regards to create the fake of the rich snippets content in such a way like creating their own duplicates into the source code of their website pages.

On the other hand, the people who commit this kind of activity just think it’s so simple for them to do, but they forget its consequences for the future. This is like you can add the markup on your page wherever it’s available and Google accepts it, to appear it on Google search result page.

According to a webmaster:

Says he has lost the several techniques that have been observed being faked. At the same time he also added that Google has its own guide lines and parameters for this but if you are aware enough of this kind of activities then off-course you can rich around them.

If you have experienced then you can be aware of this, if you have less experience then you just need very careful or need not to adopt this shortcuts because at the an end you harm yourself.

Now Google notifying the website owners who have been using the spammy with rich snippets so far by considering two facts if you filled out there as below:

1. If URL of the Webpage listed in the Google Search Result Page.

2. The specific query that you have been used in Google.

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